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Increasing Uncommon Sense, While Cutting out the Nonsense for Legal Operations teams

Does the application of common sense lead to business improvement for legal operations teams? In a new International Legal Technology Association (ILTA) article, Anthony Widdop and Meredith Williams-Range discuss how the application of uncommon sense, and the reduction of common nonsense, can help legal operations teams focus, increase user adoption, make more efficient use of resources, and manage costs in 2023. Based on a book by Jules Goddard, they adapt a framework to support legal operations teams' planning for the next business cycle.

Imitation can only go so far. While there is some benefit in learning from what others have done, a cookie cutter approach to legal operations design and implementation will be sub-optimal. To achieve competitive advantage, we need to more critically consider whether what everyone else is doing is right for the context we find ourselves in. We also need to look beyond conventional wisdom, to what others are not doing, but could be valuable for the law department and its internal customers.


in-house law department design, knowledge management, legal project management, legal technology, process improvement

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